ISS YACHTS Innovative Solution For Yacht Charter Companies
20.10.2020. / Various

While the consequences of this global crisis that happened to us caused by the COVID-19 virus will be summarized for a long time, we can already say that every cloud has a silver lining.

We are witnessing that the global crisis has brought many novelties and innovations that will be a turning point in various businesses. One of such innovative solutions intended for yacht charter was presented by the company ISS RFID from Poland. In September ISS RFID team introduced its innovative, smart solution for yacht charter companies in Croatia. They held a series of presentations on one of the nautical charter vessels. Three different marinas: ACI Trogir, marina Mandalina in Šibenik and marina Kornati in Biograd were places where charter operators could attend to live presentations and see how a product intended for yacht charter companies really works.

Inventory Smart Yacht System as an innovative solution

What exactly is Inventory Smart System?

It is a smart system based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), which allows you to check the presence of marked equipment on the yacht quickly. The desired equipment in this case on the vessel is marked with tags, and they send their status information to the scanner. By only looking at the monitor, you can see which equipment is missing on the yacht.


How is this applicable in yacht charter, and why is it so significant?

Since the process of handover of vessels in the charter is very intensive, especially in charter companies with larger fleets of 30 boats and more, this solution is a really great help in automating the process but also reduces the time to check-in and check out the inventory on vessels to less than two minutes.

Considering that in the primary season check-in and check out on boats takes place in one day, usually within a couple of hours, then it is clear why every minute plays an important role. It is significant for operators in charter companies to check the condition of the equipment on the vessel. Charter operators’ primary goal is to be sure that all the equipment is on board and functional for the next guest. On the other hand, guests also want to be sure that they will not miss anything on the check-out procedure. The usual time required to hand over the vessel is 30 minutes or more, and most of the time is spent checking and counting the equipment on the yacht.

With this solution this time is significantly reduced, leaving time for charter company staff to dedicate to the guest and provide valuable information on the safety of navigation and the functionality of all devices and equipment on board. On the other hand, when checking out, the possibility of misunderstandings or possible oversights in damaged equipment or the absence of equipment is reduced. In this way, both guests and the charter company are insured against unnecessary misunderstandings.


How the system does it work?

During live presentations in September, ISS RFID team’s engineer Mr Michael Ginter showed and explained precisely how the system works. For the presentation, the team chose the sailing yacht DUFOUR 460 from the charter fleet of the company Euronautic, which conducted a series of tests of this equipment on its vessels during the summer season 2020. In particular, 127 items were marked on this sailboat, and most of them were located inside the yacht (navigation table, kitchen, saloon).

According to Mr Ginter, the system works very simply. The RFID reader receives a signal that is reflected from all marked objects on the vessel. The reading results appear on the handheld scanner display, and the report is transmitted over the Internet to the cloud management software.

During the live presentations, it was demonstrated that the time required to review all 127 items on board was less than two minutes.

Although the presentations were impressive and showed how practical and useful this solution is, the attendees were interested in how to start the application of the system and how complicated it is to mark all the desired items on board.

Mr Ginter’s advice is to start with a starter package that contains a scanner and 100 start tags, which is enough for any yacht charter company to create and research which items want to include. Also, the starter package includes two licenses for two different vessels.

You can see the entire presentation held in the ACI marina Trogir here.

Proven benefits for yacht charter companies

During the testing of the system in the summer season 2020, the key advantages for the charter companies were proven:

·       simple system implementation,

·       significant time savings,

·       highly automated process - human error avoidance,

·       remotely controllable results, easy management of detailed reports (statistics, process improvement opportunities).

Euronautic CEO Katarina Vujević Babara said: “This is a really great product that instils confidence in our employees that they did not overlook something, that everything on board was inspected, and on the other hand gives confidence to our customers that they received everything marked on the equipment list and what it is required onboard. So I can really recommend this system to all charter companies as it allows for a new, more advanced level of business.

The ISS RFID team will be present at the Biograd Boat Show from October 21-25, 2020, where you will be able to communicate directly with Mr Ginter to remove all doubts and agree on future cooperation.

More information about ISS YACHTS SYSTEM you can find here.