Marketing strategy

In what direction is your company going? Where do you see yourself in five years, and how will you achieve it? With a quality digital marketing strategy, your business will not lose the desired direction, but at any given time your team will know precisely what and how to do it in order to be successful online.

Having a digital marketing strategy means that you and your team will know precisely what and how you need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It is a good idea to plan ahead on which Internet channels and how you will present your brand and charter services.

If you know how to successfully answer the following questions and use the answers in the right way, you will save significant amounts of money that you would otherwise invest in marketing without the desired results.

Let us ask you: what have you done by now to use the advantage of online presence?

  • Do you generate potential clients from your web site?
  • Do you have more lists for e-mail marketing?
  • Have you already set up business profiles on social media channels?
  • Do you have LinkedIn profile that suits your personal brand?

If your answer is NO to any of these questions, we are here to help! Let us take a little peek on your digital marketing and suggest you our ideas and improvement tips.
Analiza i strategija - Zona Plus agencija za digitalni marketing - Zadar

Increase your bookings with the help of digital marketing strategy.

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Business analysis

You’re not satisfied with your business? You’re doing everything as before, you work well, but you’re getting nowhere. You feel that you no longer hold the rudder in your hands/hold the reins, but you do not know how to reverse the situation. What you need is quality business analysis.

Namely, business analysis directly influences the success of your business because it reveals the main factors that are causing the failure.

Analiza i strategija - Zona Plus agencija za digitalni marketing - Zadar

How can we help you?

  • We will analyse your business and answer to your question ‘what is my position’ when it comes to market
  • We will reveal all your weaknesses, but also your advantages and values that make you different from your competition 
  • We will define ways to minimise weaknesses and actively emphasise benefits.
  • We will produce specific documents - a strategic, marketing and action plan

You are not satisfied by the way your business grows?

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Marketing plan

Once you’ve found your place under the Sun using business analysis and came up with the strategic plan for the next five years, it’s essential to act.

Take action. However, you can't move through the fog because you would be lost very soon, right?

A marketing plan is your path to positioning yourself in the desired market, with the ultimate goal of maximising your profits.

What will we do for you?

  • We will use knowledge and experience to create your marketing plan
  • We will write a document to use as a guide to your business
  • We will measure the results in the right time range
  • We will analyse business steps to optimise time and cost

Analiza i strategija - Zona Plus agencija za digitalni marketing - Zadar

Do you need a marketing plan as a guide in everyday business?

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