Otium Yachts – consistency is the key

Otium Yachts, based in Split, is a charter that leverages its experience to provide guests with unique, tailor-made vacations. The company wanted to make its business more exclusive and create a new brand identity.

Otium Yachts - Reference - Zona Plus agencija za digitalni marketing - Zadar

How we work

Client Needs Assessment

The key challenge for Otium Yachts was how to make their new name stand out among similar competitors. It was concluded that an appropriate campaign was needed to make the brand recognizable while also retaining the attention of its clients.

Strategy Research

The campaign required a comprehensive digital strategy for social media and high-quality content. Projections were not promising given the newly emerged situation, but confidence in success remained.

Campaign Creation

A digital content strategy was developed for Otium Yachts, along with ads for Facebook and Instagram. A plan for regular and timely blog posts on the website was established, and video content was also created.

Campaign Execution

Otium underwent rebranding, and the results became evident shortly after the launch of the new website. There was an increase in website visitors and inquiries sent through the contact form. In the first 9 months, they gained 13,000 users, and Instagram saw a 400% growth rate. The number of leads from new markets increased by 45%, with a monthly engagement rate increase of 5%.

A successful campaign for the client

Otium Yachts not only sustained its business during the pandemic but also expanded into new markets with the help of our digital strategy and rebranding plan. They stood out with their offerings and secured a stable position in the market. Flexibility and timely responsiveness led to closing the season with results exceeding all expectations. Otium Yachts serves as our best example of what needs to be done, and done well, to succeed.

Otium Yachts - Reference - Zona Plus agencija za digitalni marketing - Zadar


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