Keep the existing guests

Was your season worse than usual? You’re nostalgically mourning for the past, better times. You’re wondering, where have your previous clients disappeared?

You create ad campaigns regularly, even often send newsletters and, from time to time, personalised emails. The opening rate is poor and the response so small that you sometimes feel like Robinson Crusoe in the middle of a deserted island. You've already concluded - almost no one reads your mails. And yes, you are probably right!

Newsletter campaigns seem easy to create, and many people fall into the trap when they decide to create them themselves. Still, newsletters are more than just reporting last-minute discounts and pretty photos of a new boat in your charter fleet.

How good newsletter looks like?

  • The message must be personalised
  • Text and photos must be optimised
  • Have one specific goal
  • Point out values ​​for the person receiving the newsletter

On the one hand, the purpose of a newsletter is to stay in touch and remind recipients of your services. You can also occasionally cheer them up with a symbolic discount. On the other hand, the purpose of these messages is to inform the agents of the current sale offers.

This way, you will gain the sympathy of direct guests who will always be happy to return as your guests, while you will give the agents the impression of a reliable partner who takes care of their business.

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What we do

We will design email campaigns to get you more bookings. We will manage your email campaigns in a way that engages your contacts and creates loyal guests.


We will create a detailed plan to whom, when and what to send.


We will design and create newsletters according to your brand’s visuals.


We will write content for your e-messages that guests will simply adore reading.


We will systematically measure and report the results to you

Send newsletters to your targeted clients and partners!

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