Marketing strategy

In which direction is your company heading? Where do you see yourself in 5 years, and how will you achieve it? With a quality digital marketing strategy, your business won't lose its desired direction; your team will always know exactly what to do and how to be successful on the Internet.

Having a digital marketing strategy means that you and your team will know exactly what and how to do things on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It's a good idea to plan in advance which online channels and how you'll present your brand and charter services.

If you can successfully answer the following questions and use the answers effectively, you'll save a significant amount of money that you might otherwise invest in marketing without achieving the desired results.

Allow us to ask you: What have you done so far to leverage your online presence?

  • Are you generating potential customers from your website?
  • Do you have multiple email marketing lists?
  • Have you set up business profiles on social media channels?
  • Do you have an outstanding LinkedIn profile that confirms your personal brand?

If your answer is NO to at least one of these questions, we are here to help! Let us take a look at your digital marketing and offer our ideas and advice for improvement.
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Increase sales with the help of digital marketing strategies.

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Marketing plan

Once you've found your place in the sun through business analysis and created a strategic plan for the next 5 years, it's time to take action. However, you can't embark on this journey blindly, or you'll quickly get lost, right?

That's why you need a concrete document that thoroughly analyzes and outlines the actions necessary to achieve a specific marketing goal – a marketing plan.

A marketing plan is your roadmap to positioning yourself in the desired market, with the ultimate goal of increasing your revenue

Analiza i strategija - Zona Plus agencija za digitalni marketing - Zadar

What will we do for you?

  • We'll use our knowledge and experience to create your marketing plan.
  • We'll write a document you can use as a guide in your business.
  • We'll establish a time frame for measuring results.
  • We'll analyse business processes to optimize time and costs.

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Business analysis

Not satisfied with your business? You're doing everything as before, providing quality, but there's no progress. You feel like you've lost your grip on the helm, but you don't know how to turn the situation around. What you need is a quality business analysis.

Business analysis directly impacts the success of your business because it uncovers the main factors causing failure.

How can we help you here?

  • We'll conduct an analysis of your business and answer the question 'where are you' in the market.
  • We'll uncover your weaknesses compared to the competition, as well as your strengths and the values that make you different from them.
  • We'll define ways to minimize weaknesses while actively emphasizing your strengths.
  • We'll create concrete documents – a strategic, marketing, and action plan.

You know how the saying goes, planning is 90% of success. If you would like to be seen at the top of the industry, please let us know if you’re interested in business analysis and developing a strategy that will bring you the expected business results.
Analiza i strategija - Zona Plus agencija za digitalni marketing - Zadar

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